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Getting to know 3D Lasertec

November 17th 2023

3D Lasertec offer a sub-contract laser engraving service for all industries across the UK. Based in Nottinghamshire at the heart of England, they are well placed to serve all corners of the UK. They are also our longest occupying customer, being with us at Mansfield Innovation Centre since we opened over 20 years ago. We got the opportunity to speak with MD Wayne Kilford about their business, as well as their history at Mansfield Innovation Centre.

What is your name and the name of your business?

Wayne Kilford, MD of 3D Lasertec.

Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

We set up the business 25 years ago. It was new technology that was being used in the USA, which we decided to introduce over here to the UK engineering sector. It sort of snowballed from there.

What does your business do?

3D Lasertec offer a sub-contract laser engraving service for all engineering sectors.

Surface marking of customers parts for identification & traceability.

2D & 3D deep laser engraving of customer mould tools & Inserts.

Other industries from photographic, pharmaceutical, medical, automotive, electronic to name a few have all benefitted from the process.

Do you like working for your business?

Yes, I certainly do!

What is your history at Mansfield Innovation centre?

We've been here since the very start really. We moved in about three months after the whole building was built.

What aspect of the centre do you enjoy the most?

We've got everything on site. Not only In our own unit, which is self-contained but also the reception, what they do for us down there and the community that's available to us. There’s the café, the great space available for rent, overall a very complete package.

How do you find our workshop facilities?

They work brilliant for us. There’s easy access in and out for our business as well as customers, with plenty of parking available

Do you take advantage of our business support services?

I have done in the past and I will do in the future. The things David can offer and access for us, such as grants, training and other meetings which they have are brilliant for businesses in the centre. They are great to have to hand and I wouldn't have got that if I was in an individual business outside of the centre.

What are the next steps for your business? Do you have a 5 year plan?

We still enjoy what we do, we still love the facilities and staff here at Mansfield Innovation Centre, I think the main thing is to just stick to what we’re doing.

November 22nd 2023

Mansfield Innovation Centre completes refurbishment

On Tuesday 21st November 2023, we welcomed customers and partners to celebrate the completion of our refurbishment and rebranding project after 9 months of work.

October 27th 2023

5 minutes with Staff for Education

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October 12th 2023

5 minutes with Quick By Design

Today we were fortunate enough to catch up with Co-Director of our customer Quick By Design, Dan Bullock. We discussed them, their experience at Mansfield Innovation Centre, and their ambitions for the future.